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Aug. 2020 – After receiving M.A., dux graduate Tevita Manu'atu co-teaches psychological thought

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Tu'i'āhai Tu'i'āfitu; Tevita Manu'atu, MA; 'Okusitino Tae; Taniela and Evesa Vao. Taniela was a pioneer undergraduate at 'Atenisi in the late 1970s.

'Atenisi's dux graduate of 2013, Tevita Manu'atu – who went on to earn a Masters degree in anthropology from Northern Illinois University outside Chicago – has returned to campus this semester to co-teach Advanced Psychological Thought with university dean Dr Michael Horowitz. "It's a pleasure to be back in the same hall," Manu'atu told students, "where I mastered the basics of social science."

The graduate's lecture described how cognitive anthropology borrows from the theory and terminology of social psychology. He then defined culture as a set of unique ideas, beliefs, norms, and behaviours retained by a society over time.

After returning to Tonga in 2017, the alum assisted his father Viliami in the family's kava business. He recently assumed the post of cultural affairs officer at the Ministry of Tourism, and intends to pursue a PhD in psychology in Japan in 2021.