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May '15 - Former assoc. dean wins Auckland grant


Dr Scott Hamilton, who taught humanities whilst associate dean here in 2013, recently won an NZ $12000 grant sponsored by the office of Auckland’s mayor. In a congratulatory e-message, 'Atenisi dean Dr Michael Horowitz thanked Hamilton for “demonstrating once again that ʻAtenisi continually attracts top talent from Europe, U.S. and the Pacific. Our students were fortunate to have the opportunity to study under you whilst you were in residence here," Horowitz wrote, "and they've not forgotten the privilege.”

The grant was conceived by Auckland mayor Len Brown early last year to support the work of local writers who focus on the city’s history or prospects. Hamilton proposed to complete an “anti-travelogue” on the transformation of North Island’s Great South Road from colonial artery to, in some cases, bucolic back road. The award was conferred at the Auckland Writers Festival on 14 May.

In addition, the project entails cinematic adaptation in partnership with film director, Paul Janman, who previously taught humanities here as well. Janman chronicled ʻAtenisi’s development in the documentary “Tongan Ark” that was favourably reviewed by the New Zealand Herald whilst playing at the New Zealand International Film Festival in 2012. A DVD of the film has recently become available for NZ $25.